Product description

Balloons printed with company logo, slogan and brand-names can be used in a variety of situations to promote the company. Developed screen-printing technology ensures high-quality prints and a short delivery-time. We exclusively use high-quality latex-balloons that have a great finish and are long-lasting. Each balloon is tested for defects and high-quality latex-dye is used for printing. Advertising your logos and slogans on balloons is one of the best ways to be outstanding and memorable on the market.


Monochrome print on 12“ (Ø 30cm) latex-balloon

High-quality monochrome (different colors available) print on the balloons you have chosen. Printing on multiple sides of the balloon is available. Minimum amount of balloons is 200 pc.

Technical description

Printing will be done using screen printing method. Balloons are filled with air up to ¾ before printing. Balloons are then squeezed flat so they can be printed on. After the ink has dried up the balloons are emptied of air.

Balloon printing can not be compared to prints on other materials such as posters, prints on mugs, key-chains, etc.. Printing on the balloon is done when the balloon is filled with air and so in a quite unstable state. That means that the end-result may vary to some extent from the original design. Our mission of course is to achieve the end-result that pleases our customers. Before starting printing process we send final design to our customers for approval.


100% organic material

100% biodegradable

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